The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) proudly presents our 10th Annual Professional Development Conference. This year’s event will be held August 23-27, 2023 at the Renaissance Addison hotel in Dallas, TX.   We invite you to join us, as we focus on our theme: “Embracing the New A.G.E.” Learn, reconnect, and discover the latest innovations in engineering and technology when the PDC lands in Dallas, TX. 

Our Mission 

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. 

The NSBE Professionals’ vision is to inspire the next generation of technical experts; and its mission is to serve as a catalyst for transforming the culture of engineering.  

NSBE will achieve these aspirations by creating a platform for Black STEM Professionals to form valuable personal and professional connections through collaboration and knowledgesharing strategies. These connections focus on transforming individuals from early technical stages to technical mastery. NSBE also provides opportunities to cultivate leaders in career, technology, and non-profit spaces; and support members as they transition from early stage, individual contributor to middle and later stage enterprise manager. 

The Professional Development Conference (PDC) is the premier event focused on the Professionals.  

The PDC is the world’s largest gathering of NSBE Professionals and over the course of three and a half days, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other professionals, corporate representatives, and executives. Let’s leverage our NSBE community to solve problems, create shared understanding, and engineer common ground. 

Attend the Key Sessions 

Hear from Executive leaders as they share their vision of how the Engineering Ecosystem is helping us develop solutions to design a better future. Get exposed to some of the latest technologies with industry experts and be encouraged by special guest speakers. 

Get Trained & Certified 

Attend sessions with industry experts as they explore and apply the latest advancements to help you gain technical upskilling in the industry. Get practical tips and tricks you can apply to your own projects. 

Engage with sponsors and exhibitors 

Network with our sponsors and exhibitors and learn about potential opportunities to impact their industries and innovate. 

Network with your peers 

The PDC offers many networking and collaboration opportunities with peers, whether networking at hospitality suites or during coffee breaks, find others with shared experiences, and converse about relevant industry related topics.   

Participate in the various workshop tracks! 

LEADERSHIP:   This workshop track promotes the use of a variety of leadership processes such as performance measures and risk assessments/analysis. Leaders require both subject-matter expertise and proficiencies in listening, empathy, thinking, assessment, evaluation, collaboration, inspiration, strategy-to-execution vision, communication. This track can also explore Engineers capacity to lead and how they can develop a Leadership Identity without diminishing their engineering background. These essentials must be distilled and delivered into operationally practical programs. Workshops can be sliced into 4 components: Executive, Senior, Mid-Level Leadership, and Early Career.

TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION:   This workshop track presents opportunities for attendees to gain technical industry skillsets and mobilize science. They will highlight innovation, pervasive and emerging technologies, and identify critical knowledge and innovation gaps. The workshops should also make an attempt to connect the technology to business value and application use cases. Workshops in this track will promote digital literacy; inspire creativity, innovation, and specializations, within the technical community.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & CAREER TRANSITION:   This workshop track will delve into the process of developing, organizing, and running a new business or businesses to generate profit while taking on financial risk and balancing these with teaming opportunities and partnerships. The track should help develop strategies to build a sustainable business focusing on the customer.
This track can also cover the personal development skills needed to take ownership of your career path to make the necessary transition, whether its for a corporation or your own start-up. This workshop rallies around Motivation, Passion, Vision, Confidence, & Decision Making.

SELF, HEALTH AND WEALTH (HEALTH & WELLNESS):   With the changes in work dynamics having a heavy virtual component, there is a increasing need for work life balance.  This workshop track promotes connected on 5 core competencies which are Self Awareness, Self-Management Responsible Decision Making, Social Awareness and Relationship Skills and merging them with the 4 dimensions of health and wellness : Physical, Mental, Financial and Emotional Health. Strategies can be explored in how to manage stressors in a sustainable positive way.