We are looking for workshops that support the NSBE Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Aerospace, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Engineering, Healthcare Innovation, Information Technology Think Tank, Intellectual Property, Process Improvement, Public Policy, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Women in Science & Engineering.

Workshops can target students, entry level professionals, experienced professionals, senior level professionals, or all! They can be in one of the following tracks:

Innovative Leadership – This workshop track delivers innovative tools, tips, and techniques, to enhance leadership skills; and strategies to face challenges within the workplace or an organization’s leadership structure.  Identify skills to become not only a great manager, but also a great leader. Learn about effective leadership behaviors (i.e. lead by example), coaching techniques, and how to empower and inspire others.

Self-Investment – This workshop track promotes culturally relevant approaches to achieving personal goals, self-awareness, and financial health and wellness. These workshops cultivate social skills and prepare individuals for personal growth and realizing overall well-being.

Professional Development – This workshop track focuses on the three pillars of professional success: preparation, development and execution. These workshops offer marketable career enhancement skills and/or continuing education credits that are applicable across industries and disciplines.  Attendees gain skills to be more productive, to be engaged in global learning, and to become influencers in their spaces.

Social Engagement – This workshop track promotes connectedness and amplifying community growth and prosperity, community involvement, and civic engagement. These workshops discuss collaborations, community partnerships, volunteering, and dealing with social justice issues and social responsibility. Employers can promote employee volunteerism, and other ways to improve social well-being.

Technical Upskilling – This workshop track presents opportunities for attendees to gain technical industry skillsets and mobilize science.  They will highlight innovation, pervasive and emerging technologies, and identify critical knowledge and innovation gaps. Workshops in this track will promote digital literacy; inspire creativity and specializations, within the technical community.