Workshop Abstract

Imagine you have come up with an idea for an amazing product that could benefit millions of people.

Imagine that you hacked together a prototype and you’re ready for some feedback.

Turning a great idea into a product can be challenging. It’s easy to focus on the technology we are engineering but forget about a very important factor, the humans using it. The solution to this is empathetic and inclusive human testing.

In this workshop we will go over methodologies and strategies you could implement during user testing to ensure that your product will in fact be used, and enjoyed by a wide variety of users.


Adriana Goyette has a doctorate in Audiology and ten years of experience in research and development of Audio products. She is currently a Human Factors Researcher working with AirPods at Apple.

Amr Kahhaleh is a Research Manager at Apple and has worked on products like iPhone, iPad, and AirPods. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from UC San Diego and is passionate about Human Computer Interaction (HCI)