Workshop Abstract

Did you implement a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature based on a vendor’s recommendation? What do you know about the algorithm used for your new feature? What data did your vendor use to train the algorithm? Many organizations utilize AI for their products and services, not understanding the technology behind it. As AI infiltrates everyone’s industry, it is essential to understand its impact and how it is predicting or interpreting its results. AI ethics is a growing field of study that examines ethical principles, policies, and regulations concerning artificial intelligence. Everyone should understand the ethics concerning AI. This session will examine AI ethics and how everyone can ensure their new AI feature is ethical.


Schenita Floyd is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas with over twenty years of experience in the information technology industry. She has a Ph.D. in information science from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, an MBA from Southeastern University, a master’s certificate in project management from George Washington University, and a BS in electrical engineering from Texas A&M. She has presented and published journal articles on artificial intelligence, agile best practices, and the digital workforce transformation. Additionally, Schenita has received several awards and was featured in the Dallas Business Journal. When she is not teaching or researching, she is active in several non-profit organizations, including Dallas CASA, where she advocates for foster care children in the Dallas area.