Workshop Abstract

At the center of any theme park attraction is the choreography between story and technology, forming the foundation for the guest experience to come to fruition. For 35 years, Universal Creative has been at the forefront of themed-entertainment having created fan-favorite attractions worldwide. The “DNA of Thrill” panel dissects Universal Orlando’s newest attraction and introduces the team of Storytellers and Engineers who played key roles in bringing Jurassic World’s VelociCoaster from a germ of an idea to the highest-rated rollercoaster in Universal’s history. Hear about the diverse backgrounds, experiences and roles that each played in this industry award-winner.


Universal Creative’s Jurassic World VelociCoaster Creative Team:

Eric Parr | Vice President, Creative Design

Dionte Henderson | Engineer, Ride & Show

Gregory Hall | Creative Director

Qui’untae Bristol | Project Engineer

Georgia Martin | Estimator

The Jurassic World VelociCoaster panelists bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and passions to NSBE. From the Creative to the technically advanced designers and engineers, all phases of storytelling are represented to the audience. As an opportunity to showcase career opportunities in the themed-entertainment industry, the panelists are each enthusiastic to contribute to the overall NSBE experience.