Workshop Abstract

Personality conflicts can cause the biggest issues in the workplace, even more so than a lack of scientific knowledge. The rate of retention of a company can be directly related to the establishment of a culture created that recognizes the value of differing personalities , and that aims to minimize conflict. This workshop aims to provide a structured approach for individuals to use in the workplace to embrace differences in personality.
Keywords: personalities, emotions, workplace, collaboration


Rich Gilliam is the CI chair for the RTP professional chapter. As a robotic automation engineer and author Rich hopes to inspire a whole new generation to discover STEM. As a young man who struggled with self-confidence, he knows the value of a gentle push toward the right path. Richard worked as a scientist in his early career and now works as a robotic engineer. His love for STEM shines through in his motivational words and everything he does. With a goal of promoting diversity in the STEM field, he plans to engage, delight, and guide others into rewarding careers and developing the entrepreneurship around STEM. He wonders what great things we can accomplish if we work together.
Richard is from Philadelphia, PA and is a graduate of Saint Augustine’s university in Raleigh where he still resides today.